Get article about famous Danish Watchmaker/clockmaker

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Get article about famous Danish Watchmaker/clockmaker

Postby Caz » 2006-11-19, 17:26

I have a wonderful Danish Article about a famous Danish Watchmaker/Clockmaker family written in 1940.It is full of photographs of Denmark and the watchmaker. I will be glad to share the article here if someone can translate it for me. I have been using the on-line translations services but they only work for some the of the text.
The article is mosly photographs but there is approx 300 words of text. I have it scanned in Jpeg.
Thanks :roll:

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Postby Mulder-21 » 2006-11-19, 18:49

You should post it here on the forum, then all Danish speakers(/knowers) could translate it.

Your text is from 1940, which is 8 years before the orthography reformation, so it'll be interesting to see the article. :)
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