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Postby pasalupo » 2006-05-11, 5:53

Ulven wrote: at finde mans vej omkring :D

Tak :)

at finde sin (éns) vej igennem

Ulven, du kan finde stationen via Radiotuner på Windows Mediaplayer.
Via DR's hjemmeside er vejen således: -> find 'Hør Netradio' (i venstre side af panelet), klik på P2.
De har også en hjemmside, hvor man kan høre ældre udsendelser igen:
God fornøjelse!
Gentles do not reprehend.

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Postby hreru » 2006-05-14, 21:32

Thanks for those links. I haven`t found that excellent band you`d mentioned on, but it`s true that I`ve looked on the music there with one eye only (er, listened to it with one ear only?) and it`s still possible I`ll find in the future.
I knew Under Byen from Danish scene, and this I would`t call generic pop. I don`t know how to call their music, though. I`ve never been good at describing.

I haven`t heard To Søstre yet, but I`ve heard quite the same song (meaning the lyrics were the same, or pretty similar at least; a girl killed by her sister because of her husband-to-be, her soul being embodied to a tree of which a musical instrument –I don`t remember exactly which one- was made, and some musicians used this that very instrument at the wedding ceremony of the killer-sister, which lead to quite an unpleasent moment of the ceremony and a bad end of the killer-sister) in Czech, and I always thought that there are some Russian influences in this song. It seemed to me to be a very Russian matter. But, who knows, where the origins of the song are?

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