A little question

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A little question

Postby óðinn » 2006-05-17, 17:59

I've seen a lot of movies with custom danish subtitles recently and now I wonder what does "sgu" mean?

I understood all danish words except "sgu"?

Btw I recommend custom danish subs to everyone, even if it is a bad movie the danish subs will make it funny! 8) Now Danes will slay me for saying that, but I can't help it I laugh when I read dansh subs. Nothing wrong with danish though, must be a useful language when you're swearing!

Dansk for fanden! :twisted: :D :D :D

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Postby Teup » 2006-05-17, 18:12

From http://danish.nigilist.ru:

sgu(kan gengives:) damned ( fx that's damned funny (, annoying)), damned if not ( fx I'm damned if that is not Peter), damned well ( fx I
should damned well hope so); bloody ( fx it's a bloody shame; it's bloody (well) raining again; he is bloody wonderful).

Seems to be the ideal word you'd find in translations of English spoken movies and such :)

Yep, Danish subtitles are cool, I watch them too from time to time :) It also makes my mom laugh, but I just think it's cool 8) I second the recommendation :wink:

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Postby pasalupo » 2006-05-18, 5:41

Yes, it is used to add emphasis in slang and colloquial speech. It comes from så gud (måtte hjælpe mig).
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Postby DanSwe » 2006-05-18, 23:03

"Sgu dejligt" is a good phrase.
Dansk er sgu dejligt!

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