A small translation

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A small translation

Postby Luís » 2006-05-08, 16:29

I'd like to have the following text translated into Danish. Thanks :)

Better luck next time, X. It seems it was me who got it. Thank you again, Y.
Quot linguas calles, tot homines vales

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Postby Aszev » 2006-05-08, 16:39

Bedre held næste gang, X! Det ser ud som om det var jeg som fik det! Tak igen!

I think :roll:

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Postby pasalupo » 2006-05-09, 16:36

Jeps; it could also be "som om det var mig, som fik den" if the it is from common gender.
One can also say: Endnu en gang tak.
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