Ferrocarril Vs Vía férrea

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Ferrocarril Vs Vía férrea

Postby lingo » 2019-10-22, 6:58

I am at the A2 level. My course notes give the term Vía férrea for railways. Spanishdict does not show up this term at all, while wikipedia says Vía férrea refer to the actual Tracks. Linguee gives both Ferrocarril and Vía férrea for railways.

Spanishdict gives the following when searched only for Vía : Se necesita reparar las vías del tren.The train tracks need to be repaired.

Does this mean that ferrocarril & Vía férrea are synonyms and refer to the Railway system/transport as a whole while Vía refers to the physical tracks/route etc Eg. Vía digestiva

Request some clarifications.


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Re: Ferrocarril Vs Vía férrea

Postby Antea » 2020-01-15, 19:02

Personally (I am from Spain), when I say “ferrocarril “ I am talking about the train, or even the whole railway system like a way of transport ( like the Subway/Metro). When I hear “vía férrea “ I think about the railroad tracks. But I, personally, will never use this expression because I will say “ las vías del tren”.

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