Suggestion for a video series

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Suggestion for a video series

Postby Tonic » 2015-09-24, 10:46

Hola gente, [english version below]

Esto quizá os pueda interesar:

He empezado una nueva página en Facebook, donde voy a poner memes, videos graciosos, viñetas, etc. a veces con una explicación, una transcripción o una traducción que ayude a entender. La podéis encontrar aquí: ... 5714302387

También estoy preparando una serie de vídeos que iré poniendo en un canal de youtube, si tenéis alguna sugerencia no dudéis en comunicarla.

I have just created a Facebook page where I intend to share funny things like internet memes, video clips, comic strips etc, sometimes with an explanation, transcript or translation that may help to understand.

I am also preparing a series of Spanish learning videos (you can actually find a couple of videos already on my youtube channel). My goal is to make original content for learners of different levels, but as there is already a lot of resources for beginners on the internet, I may focus on B1 and up levels. Not sure about this just yet. If you have any suggestions, if you would like a kind of lesson in particular or a plain explanation on a particular grammar bit, feel free to let me know.

Hasta luego!

PS: Administrators feel free to move it to a different place in the forum if this is not the right one. Cheers.
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