Resources for Mexican Spanish

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Resources for Mexican Spanish

Postby jamesss.p » 2015-05-16, 10:11

Does anybody know of any Spanish learning resources that use the Mexican accent? All of the books, audio etc that I've found all use the Castilian/Spanish accent. Does anybody know of any that use the Mexican one?

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Re: Resources for Mexican Spanish

Postby vijayjohn » 2016-02-17, 17:16

In the US, there are tons of resources geared towards people interested in learning Mexican Spanish, some of which are used in Spanish classes at school. The first resource I used to seriously study Spanish was this, where they make you choose between Castillian and Latin American Spanish (by which they pretty much mean Mexican) if you say you want to learn Spanish (I think they similarly make you choose between UK and American English if you want to learn English). There are textbooks like Bienvenidos and the ¡Ven Conmigo! series that aren't specifically for learning Mexican Spanish but are definitely useful for learning it anyway. Duolingo also is a resource for Mexican Spanish. There are also some series of videos that I guess are aimed at students of Spanish and are in Mexican Spanish, though I can't seem to remember any of their names right now, and of course, there's always Mexican TV (including Mexican telenovelas, which play on Spanish-language channels in this country all the time), songs, and movies.

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