Enlaces útiles [Useful links]

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Re: Enlaces útiles [Useful links]

Postby Dannylearns » 2017-07-04, 14:35

these are such great links, gracias. Does anyone have a link about how to set up a sort of a language program for yourself.. how to structure yourself to really learn a language efficiently?

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Re: Enlaces útiles [Useful links]

Postby ArturitoR2D2 » 2017-10-25, 17:44


Maybe a little late... :) but you should try Wordreference, they have a very complete collection of words, picked from the best dictionaries and I think you can easily find families. They are nor ordered as families, byt when you put word in their browser, they appear other similar words, so family words will appear in a list below.

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Re: Enlaces útiles [Useful links]

Postby enespañol » 2017-12-10, 23:39

Hola a todos,

Quisiera compartirles un enlace a mi canal de YouTube, donde podrán encontrar tutoriales para aprender español paso a paso. Está diseñado principalmente para hablantes no nativos de español, aunque se irán agregando videos dirigidos a hablantes de diversos niveles de dominio de la lengua.
Muchas gracias y un saludo.

Gus G

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVTEcMe1A5A

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