Short birthday dedication (native's help needed)

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Short birthday dedication (native's help needed)

Postby Cisza » 2021-02-13, 23:17

Hi there,
I have a small favour to ask.
There's one funny photo that I'd like to send to my friend (on the occasion of this friend's birthday) where two unknown guys make us laugh doing some weird stuff — to remind of those good old days :)
Is the phrase I composed — «Es gribētu uzlabot tavu dienu tāpat kā šie divi puiši» — grammatically correct in Latvian, does it fit in this context and is it free of unwanted connotations (I mean, when I searched for the end of this phrase, there were many links to, let's say, adult content and I would definitely like to avoid this).
As my Lativan is basic, probably at least one answer is not, so could anybody please help me to make the sentence natural?
Różnica między wielbłądem i człowiekiem – wielbłąd może pracować przez tydzień nie pijąc; człowiek może przez tydzień pić nie pracując.

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