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Posted: 2016-08-29, 7:36
by mak

I am entertaining an idea about writing a small book on Latvian. Before I do that, I'd like to learn about what Latvian learners struggle with or find it easy to learn about Latvian.

Here are the survey questions, there's many of them, but all of them are optional, I'd appreciate it even if you answered some of them. If you don't want to post the answers publicly, you can send them to me as a personal message (PM).

If you answer all of the questions, I will give you a tour of the Old Town in Riga when you come here :)


Why are you learning Latvian?
What is your current level of Latvian?
What are your goals and sub-goals for learning Latvian?
How much time do you spend learning Latvian?
How often do you sit down to learn Latvian?
How committed are you to learning Latvian?

What is the easiest thing about learning Latvian?
What is the hardest thing about learning Latvian?
What do you need help with the most when learning Latvian?
What is the most exciting thing about learning Latvian?
What is the most disheartening thing about learning Latvian?
What mistakes do you make the most in Latvian?

How are you learning Latvian?
What is that you don't like about the methods you use to learn Latvian?
What is that you like the most about the methods you use to learn Latvian?

What level of fluency do you wish to attain?
What do you want to be able to talk/write about in Latvian?
What do you want to be able to read/hear about in Latvian?
What is currently stopping you from reaching this goal?

Have you ever taken an online language course?
What did you dislike about it?
What did you like about it?
Would you take an online course again (for another language)?
Did you pay for it or was it free?
How much money do you spend on learning languages?
If you haven't taken online courses, why not? What are your concerns?

Have you been to Latvia?
If so, when and what did you do?
If not, why not or when are you planning to come?

Do you like grammar?
Did you know grammar terms before you started to learn Latvian?
What is/are your native language?
What languages are you fluent in?
What other languages do you already speak (any level)?

What operating system do you use (Windows, Mac, Linux)?
What phone do you use (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, other)?
Do you have a tablet?
Do you learn languages on a mobile device (phone, tablet), if so how?

What's your name?
What's your gender?
What's your age?
What's your nationality?
Where have you lived in the past 12 months?

Is there anything I didn't ask but you wished I did?
Any other comments?

Re: Survey

Posted: 2016-09-02, 21:24
by Lumilintu
Until when do you need the answers? I mean, I could answer most of them right now, however the first part probably wouldn't be too interesting as I only just started.

And I'm curious what kind of book you have in mind. It's not a textbook, I guess? But still meant for foreigners?

Re: Survey

Posted: 2016-09-05, 9:53
by mak
Thanks for taking an interest, Lumilintu.

I'm thinking it'd be more like an online video course. I'd be like a teacher you have in a classroom explaining you concepts but you can always watch the lectures again, watch them faster or slower, etc. Transcripts could be compiled in a textbook for those who prefer to read not watch.

You can take the survey now and then again at a later date. It could be interesting for you to reflect on your progress in the future, e.g. you will see what you found difficult now in the beginning and compare it what you struggle with when you're more advanced.