regular verbs

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regular verbs

Postby torero23 » 2011-02-18, 15:41


I have a question about regular verbs. How do I know which verbs belong to which conjugations? The book I'm using (Teach Yourself Latvian, 2009) doesn't say which verbs belong to which conjugation (if it does, I haven't seen it yet). It gives a list of verbs that are part of each conjugation and I could make some guesses as to which goes with what but I'd rather be 100% positive I'm conjugating correctly. Thanks for any help!


PS If anyone has any recommendations on better courses/books or anything I could/should be using along with TY, please let me know. Thanks again!

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Re: regular verbs

Postby mak » 2011-02-19, 10:33

One syllable verbs belong to Conjugation I

  • augt (one syllable)
  • glābties (reflexive form of glābt which has one syllable)
  • salauzt (lauzt has one syllable, sa is a prefix)
  • apvelties (ap is a prefix, velties is the reflexive form of velt which has one syllable)

Verbs that have a suffix in the infinitive and have the same number of syllables in the present stem and past stem belong to Conjugation II. In other words, they have more than one syllable in the infinitive and the present is the same as past in the first person singular.

  • strādāt - es strādāju (present) - es strādāju (past)
  • zīmēt - es zīmēju (present) - es zīmēju (past)
  • medīt - es medīju (present) - es medīju (past)

Verbs that have a suffix in the inifinitive but the past stem has one more syllable than the present stem belong to Conjugation III. In other words, the infinitive has more than one syllable and the present is not the same as past in the first person singular.

  • lasīt - es lasu (present) - es lasīju (past)
  • gribēt - es gribu (present) - es gribēju (past)

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