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A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-02-02, 2:41
by lyzazel
Hello there:

I'm running a small project called Cooljugator which allows you to type a verb online and have it conjugated in the main different forms (and put in a straightforward manner). I had a Lithuanian conjugator already and now I released a Latvian one. You can find it at:

Unlike the Lithuanian one, which has 1206 verbs now, the Latvian conjugator only does 50 verbs at this point. Moreover, I am not a native Latvian speaker and the system might also have mistakes in some cases. There is a gap and error reporting system (all it takes is one click) so it can grow and improve on the mistakes fast if there is interest. You can just try it and if you can't find the word you need, just make a submission request and chances are it will be added pretty soon.

There is also a suggestion future so for example try typing "ap" and see what words come up.

I'd like you to have a look and let me know what you think. Suggestions or critique is always welcome! Thanks.

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-02-02, 13:23
by mak

Nice to see a non-native speaker taking an interest in Latvian morphology :)

I have a comment about the future tense. In your conjugator verbs in the 2nd person plural have -it endings. -iet endings are much much much more common.

I noticed mistakes with the following words: būt, iet, saprast, skriet. I couldn't find a link to an index of all verbs so I didn't check others. You can compare your results with ... g=5&r=1100 and fix those mistakes.

I also made a verb conjugator as a pet project and to test it I manually conjugated a bunch of verbs. You can see my unit tests here There are about 65 verbs including some tricky ones thoroughly conjugated. You may find them useful.

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-02-02, 13:52
by lyzazel
Wow, that was very useful. Thanks!

Well, if Letonika can do those verbs already, that kind of beats the point of having mine. I wasn't able to find some verbs there so I guess their search is limited too.

Anyway, I'll check out the verbs and get them fixed.

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-02-04, 22:59
by lyzazel
Some news.

I have changed -it to -iet in future 2nd person plural. The ending "it" is used in Lithuanian (see the other cooljugator), but it seems Latvian's on a different track now.

I have also looked up the verbs and I think I have fixed būt, iet, saprast, however, I couldn't really find the mistake in skriet (all forms seem identical as compared to Letonika).

The current problem that seems to be popping out sometimes is the unintentional i (or lack thereof) in the present case. I'll see if there are more mistakes there.

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-02-05, 23:43
by mak
You're right, skriet is fine.

But raudāt is missing an i. My algorithm for the 2nd person singular verb endings In my case, raudāt is a non-reflexive verb and it belongs to the 3rd conjugation so it gets an i at the end.

Your cooljugator is probably easier to use since letonika can be at times confusing. Great work :)

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-06-24, 20:12
by lyzazel
Alright, so this is getting little traction but I figure I'd still work some on it.

mak, I get the conjugation stuff but in my database I don't really distinguish between conjugations but I keep only the three main forms of the verb and try to figure out the conjugation from them. It seems to work most of the time except for "i" endings here and there.

My current problem is this:

I can't always figure out the present 2nd person singular form from these forms:
infinitive, present 3rd person singular, past 3rd person singular

In particular, I don't always get the 'i' ending right.

In Lithuanian, you can tell 100% of the forms if you have these three. Is Latvian different? If so, what is the extra rule?

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-06-24, 20:44
by lyzazel
Okay, I think I have figured it out. There was a problem with raudāt because I had one of the three forms wrong! I fixed it and it shows up with the right ending.

It should work fine now, inform me if there are any problems.

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-06-25, 18:08
by mak
There's still no index, so I tried some words at random.

sēdēt => tu sēdi
nākt => es nāku, tu nāc, viņš nāk etc.
liet => tu lej

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-06-25, 20:20
by lyzazel
Alright, I see there are still problems. I guess I have fixed those. Thanks!
While I still have not always figured out the patterns (and the server side word processing has gotten pretty complicated now), I have the functionality of adding individual exceptions to the words. That's sufficient to fix the holes.

There is an ability to report the mistakes in the words you see (check the bottom of the page) - that way I can review them using the tool you suggested and fix them.

In any case, thanks for the help! I appreciate it.

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2011-07-06, 17:46
by lyzazel
In regards to the Latvian CoolJugator, I have gone over the words currently in the database, compared them to and corrected them.

Going over the words, I realized that around 98% of the forms were correct and mostly just a couple of present you forms missed an "i" (or had one too many). This kind of accuracy is high but I understand it is not high enough.

So as of now CoolJugator is 100% correct. I attempt to enforce good accuracy in the future too and double check the words I add. Therefore, there should not be any more mistakes.

If there are, I encourage people to submit them, which is easy to do on every page (I'll try to make it even easier).

I will be submitting a lot more Latvian words. My current goal is to get it over 1000 for now.

Finally, I plan to extend CoolJugator to Estonian in the near future. That will have all 3 of the Baltic languages covered and perhaps I'll move from there on.

Thanks mak for your help!

Re: A Latvian Verb Conjugator - Cooljugator

Posted: 2016-12-11, 18:19
by lyzazel
Hi, just a heads up that this has been updated - and is likely to be updated much more soon. :) Please do provide feedback if you have any.