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Useful phrases

Posted: 2005-08-07, 12:38
by baja
I've just thought that there should be place where we could share useful or just interesting phrases, words, sentences etc.. I'll start :)

(I don't have sukun so to differ between an and anna I'll write only shadda above an - where anna - and nothing - where an)

[rp]من اليسير أن[/rp] It is easy to

[rp]من الصعب أن[/rp] It is difficul to

[rp]من الجدير بالذكر أنّ[/rp] It is worth mentioning

[rp]من الواجب أن[/rp] It is necessery to

[rp]من الضروري أن[/rp] It is necessery to

[rp]من اللازم أن[/rp] It is necessery to

[rp]من الثابت أنّ[/rp] It is well established that

[rp]من المعروف أنّ[/rp] It is well known that

[rp]من الواضح أنّ[/rp] It is clear that

[rp]من المفهوم أنّ[/rp] It is understood that

[rp]من المتوقَّع أن[/rp] It is expected that

[rp]من المنتظر أن[/rp] it is expected that

[rp]من المرجَّح أن / أنّ[/rp] It is most likely that

[rp]من المحتمل أن / أنّ[/rp] It is probable that

[rp]من القرر أن[/rp] It has been decided that

[rp]من المتفَق عليه أن / أنّ[/rp] It has been agreed that

[rp]من المعتاد أن[rp] It is customery to

[rp]من المفروض أن[/rp] You ought to

[rp]من المستحسَن أن[/rp] It is preferable that

[rp]من المؤكَّد أنّ[/rp] It is confirmed that

[rp]يبدو أنّ[/rp] It seems that

[rp]صحيح أنّ[/rp] It is true that

[rp]يكفي أن[/rp] It is/will be enough to

[rp]لا شكّ أنّ[/rp] There is no doubt that

[rp]مستحيل أن[/rp] It is impossible to

[rp]من المهمّ أن / أنّ[/rp] It is important to

Re: Useful phrases

Posted: 2020-12-26, 14:32
by lisānunā
من القرر أن
It has been decided that

من المُقرّر أن
It has been decided that