An endless story(Game) - قصة بلا نهاية

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An endless story(Game) - قصة بلا نهاية

Postby lisānunā » 2020-12-24, 8:26

Ahlan - أهلا
In this game each player adds words to a story that never ends.
Rules :
1 - Only add 5 words at a time.
2 - Distinct word constructions count as words e.g. : لَنَكْتُبَنَّهَا counts as a word, and so does وَ.
3 - All that counts is a correct grammatical transition between two participations :
So if someone says :
كان يا ما كان في
the next player can say :
كيس جدتي، علبة حلويات خضراء
And so on.
Who wants to start?
Remember, just 5 words, no less and no more...
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