Algerian Music Translation

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Algerian Music Translation

Postby cortizo » 2020-06-11, 12:38

Hello there :)

I've been trying to find a translation to a song by Abdel Ali Slimani called Mraya. Can someone please help me? Online I found the following as being the lyrics, but can't find any reliable translation:

هتعمل ايه لو نمت يوم وصحيت ولقيت
اقرب ما ليك في الدنيا مش حواليك
هو انت مين الي عمل كده فيك
كده فيك
مش انت والا في حد غمي عنيك
قول يالي في المرايا
فهمني ايه الحكايه
فرحان تعبان مرتاح
جواك حجات كتير في حياتنا
اتسببت في حيرتنا
وادينا عايشين راضيين
جايين ورايحين

I'm not even sure these are the actual words to the song :lol:

Thank you

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Re: Algerian Music Translation

Postby lisānunā » 2020-12-23, 9:40

Hello cortizo
I read you're asking about Algerian music.
The music might be so but the lyrics provided aren't.
This is Egyptian dialect.
If the is is the song :
then the lyrics definitely don't match.

Best wishes.
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