Nizar Qabbani

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Nizar Qabbani

Postby jannihanna » 2019-07-09, 9:23

Hello everyone !

Could someone please give me a translation to Nizar Qabbanis نهداك ?
The link to the text is here, but somehow I couldn't find a translation into English or any of the other languages I speak. I would be very grateful for your help !

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Re: Nizar Qabbani

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-09-03, 3:10

I found the following translation of the first verse here:

Brunette, thrust your bronzed breast
into my mouth, my world
Your breasts are but two springs of
pleasure, burning in my blood.
Two rebels against the heavens
Two rebels against the silken shirt
Two ivory idols heaving in a sea on fire
Idols.. I worship idols
And know I have erred.

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