Help with this sentence.

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Help with this sentence.

Postby Ar-st19762019 » 2019-05-17, 2:15


Can you please help me translate this sentence.

انّ الغیب لم یکن له من هیکل لیظهر به

Verily the Unseen (الغیب) does not (لم یکن) himself (به) manifest [zuhur] its (له من) temple [هیکل Haykal] ?


Verily the Unseen (الغیب) does not (لم یکن) manifest [zuhur] in his temple [هیکل Haykal] ?

Or something else?

Many thanks.

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Re: Help with this sentence.

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-09-03, 1:29

هيكل in Arabic also means 'structure', so maybe it's something like "Verily the Unseen does not manifest in his structure"?

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