Misheard words and phrases

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Misheard words and phrases

Postby eskandar » 2018-12-13, 3:31

While watching Arabic movies, TV, etc. I try to write down as much new vocabulary as I can and look it up afterwards. Sometimes I can easily find the words, but other times I mishear them, which makes it much more difficult to look them up. I thought I'd post them here and maybe more knowledgeable people can either correct them or confirm that they're already correct. Others are welcome to post words/phrases they're doubtful about here, too. The below are all Palestinian Arabic:

خاون khaawin - is this the colloquial plural for خاين traitor?
معطوق ma3Tuuq - crazy
ba2iish iktiir wa2et - I don't have much time (is the first word بقيش ? So it's like "not much time remains" ?)
مسكوك maskuuk :?: - captured, arrested
Please correct my mistakes in any language.

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Re: Misheard words and phrases

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-09-03, 3:05

I think 'traitor' in both MSA and Palestinian Arabic is خائن, but there are related terms like خَوَّنَ and خَوَّان. Could it be one of those? Could the third phrase be something like ما في شيء كتير وقت?

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