Misheard words and phrases

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Misheard words and phrases

Postby eskandar » 2018-12-13, 3:31

While watching Arabic movies, TV, etc. I try to write down as much new vocabulary as I can and look it up afterwards. Sometimes I can easily find the words, but other times I mishear them, which makes it much more difficult to look them up. I thought I'd post them here and maybe more knowledgeable people can either correct them or confirm that they're already correct. Others are welcome to post words/phrases they're doubtful about here, too. The below are all Palestinian Arabic:

خاون khaawin - is this the colloquial plural for خاين traitor?
معطوق ma3Tuuq - crazy
ba2iish iktiir wa2et - I don't have much time (is the first word بقيش ? So it's like "not much time remains" ?)
مسكوك maskuuk :?: - captured, arrested
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