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My free Arabic verb conjugator -

Postby lyzazel » 2016-12-11, 18:05

Hi everyone!

In 2011, I started a verb conjugator in a limited set of languages. Since this year, I've got a friend to contribute (my friend has lived in Jordan and has quite a bit of experience with Arabic, so, while I am still a beginner, it's still been very fun to work on it), and we've expanded it into Arabic and some more languages.

The address is

We are still heavily working on improving it, but currently it can conjugate over six thousand verbs in Fusha, it also provides transliterations, vowel markings and plenty of examples for most popular verbs (and translations).


We want to make this a great learning resource for Arabic, thus would appreciate any feedback.

Please let me know what you think and if I can do anything to make it even more useful.
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