Question about verb conjugation

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Question about verb conjugation

Postby pfeifhns » 2016-11-19, 12:33


three months ago I began learning arabic, now I'm learning the verb conjugation.
I have the following question about verb conjugation.

when I take the verb kalama I see that the present form is aklamu, so the vowell after the first radical disapperas. So far so good. When I take takalama ( V-form ), the first vowell after the first radical doesn't disappear. My question: does the vowell after the first vowell only disappear when the verb is in it's first form? Are there other forms ( II-X ) where it dispappears?

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Re: Question about verb conjugation

Postby eskandar » 2016-11-21, 23:10

Just take a look at any chart of the Arabic verb forms (you can see one here). If I'm understanding your question correctly, you'll find other examples in forms IV, VII, and IX.
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