"Welcome" on printed card

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"Welcome" on printed card

Postby spirelli » 2016-06-30, 11:54

I'm making a card to invite people for an event where people from other countries are especially welcome. Therefore, the word 'welcome' is shown in different languages. Please have a look at this image: http://thestitchshop.co.uk/welcome.png

This is the short version that's given under point 3 (Welcome someone with 'Ahlan') on this page: http://www.wikihow.com/Say-Hello-in-Arabic

Is this correct? Would it have to be something different in my case? The shorter the better!

Many thanks for your help.

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Re: "Welcome" on printed card

Postby eskandar » 2016-07-01, 2:57

What you have looks fine!
Please correct my mistakes in any language.

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