arabic keyboard

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arabic keyboard

Postby jakkihm » 2015-12-29, 14:52

I'd like to know if all Arabic keyboards are the same. Is there such a difference as Azerty and Qwerty keyboards ?
If there are many which one is the most commonly used ?
Thank you!

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Arabic keyboard

Postby Woods » 2016-12-17, 8:59

Is this an active forum or not quite?

I’ve got another question about Arabic, if there’s anyone around – which keyboard do Arabic speakers usually use? My computer (with Windows 7) lists three possibilities – Arabic 101, Arabic 102 and Arabic (Azerty). Arabic 101 is listed first, and so I picked it, but is it the right choice?

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Re: arabic keyboard

Postby vijayjohn » 2017-03-06, 1:57

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