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"My arabic writing book" -> كراستي العربية

Postby daniel.falk » 2015-11-04, 13:07

Hello. I'm trying to learn arabic (MSA) and have loads of question, so I hope someone can enjoy clearifying for me :)

First of all, ofcourse I need a title for the writing book I have for my arabic. Am i correct to think that I can name it
كراستي العربية
كراسة means writing book. Then i want to tell that is mine so I add the possesive pronoun ya, but then I have to open upp the ta marbuta so it becomes a ta. Then i add arabic after, and because the noun gets definite when I add a possesive pronoun "arabic" must also be definite and thats why it has the allif lam. Is this correct? If I test it in google translate I just get rubbish.. And al-arabia is an adjective in this case, right? And this would be pronounced "kuraasatii al-arabia"?

Next I wondering if there is any online dictionary where you can se how to convert nouns from singular to plural and how to convert verbs from past tense to present tense? If I understand right this is impossible to predict (even tough there are rules in some cases they don't always apply) so I have to memorate it for every word?


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