Any source for arabic transliterated literature?

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Any source for arabic transliterated literature?

Postby Rivaldo » 2015-02-05, 22:26


I wonder if there is any resource available online with arabic literature transliterated to latin alphabet.

I study arabic and I'm already acquainted with arabic alphabet, but still I have very little vocabulary and I'm always doubtful of about how words sound. After seeing how nice is it to read sanskrit texts in transliterated versions, I'm looking for a way to do it also in arabic. I'm most interested in reading arabic literature, and I wondered if anyone ever transliterated it, as they did with sanskrit.

For Sanskrit, I found this great resource:

Is there maybe many arabic texts transliterated to latin or people don't use to do it?


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Re: Any source for arabic transliterated literature?

Postby Meera » 2015-02-06, 21:06

Sorry Rivaldo, I'm not sure if there is any place online like that. You might be able to find the audio for some though. And that sanskrit site is amazing thanks for sharing it!
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