Beginner Arabic - Any tips?

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Beginner Arabic - Any tips?

Postby lionsxroar » 2014-08-05, 19:49

Hello everyone! I'm new to unilang (obviously). I took an introduction to the language and culture last semester at school which taught the basics like 'hi, my name is ---' and whatnot in different dialects. I'm used to the dialects and speaking - however, I'm starting with Arabic I which will focus more on MSA which I know is a transition from dialect.

I was wondering if anyone had any pointers or resources I can access on the internet or buy online? I'm partial to Egyptian and Iraqi dialect although I'm interested in a broader range as well.

Just hoping to get to know some of you and hopefully get some pointers!
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Re: Beginner Arabic - Any tips?

Postby Meera » 2014-08-07, 16:12

Hey! Welcome to UL. Sorry I don't have any tips because I am a beginner too. But I'm starting the language in the fall at university. But welcome to UL, I'm so happy to see another Arabic learner! :mrgreen: This thread has some awesome Arabic links:

Do you need any suggestions for books? :mrgreen: Which Arabic books do you use already? Also can you read the script?
For reading the script, this book by Nicholas Awde is excellent: ... bic+script
The bad thing is that it has no audio but everyone loves that book.

There is also Alif Baa Taa which is more expensive and it is the one used in most beginner courses I believe.
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