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I love you in Arabic?

Posted: 2008-10-09, 3:43
by xadonis_chinitox
hi guys

How do you say "I love you" in Arabic? with transliteration please thank you

Re: I love you in Arabic?

Posted: 2008-10-09, 5:13
by Anatoli
It's the most commonly asked question and was probably answered even here. I just copy with my edit from somewhere else.

You can write like this:
أنا أحبك

Here's it is with some diacritics to distinguish between male and female forms:
Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or FuS-Ha الفصحى
أنا) أحبكَ) (ana) uHibbuka (to a male)
أنا) أحبكِ) (ana) uHibbuki (to a female)

The standard Arabic language is hardly used by Arabs in informal situations, so everyone speaks their dialect, for example.

Levantine or Egyptian
أنا) بحبَّك) (ana) baHebbak (to a male)
أنا) بحبِّك) (ana) baHebbek (to a female)

The capital letters stand for a slightly different sound, in case you wonder why I capitalised some letters inside words. If you are not trained, you can pronounce H (ح) as h and S (ص) as s.