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Catalan-Valencian online translator

Posted: 2005-11-12, 1:38
by elxiquet from Alacant University (Valencian Country).

You can translate almost everything, for free, and you can choose if you want the text to be in oriental catalan or in valencian.

It's useful if you know spanish and want to read spanihsh websites, articles, etc.. in catalan-valencian.

Posted: 2005-11-15, 10:13
by Guillem
Thanks for the link :D It's pretty good!!

Posted: 2005-11-15, 11:13
by kibo
GrĂ cies!! :D

Posted: 2005-11-15, 12:43
by Guillem
There's another translator available, btw, in the following link. Though sometimes the results displayed may look pretty awkward to a native speaker... :P