what are Catalan's origins?

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what are Catalan's origins?

Postby Adina » 2005-10-24, 23:26

Am I right in thinking that Catalan is a romance language? From just looking at a few basic phrases it seems to be very similar to Spanish and French.. But that's just my opinion and I've never even taken French so I really have no idea. Anyway, just wondering.
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Postby elxiquet » 2005-10-24, 23:53

Indeed, it's a romance language.

"Catalan developed by the 9th century from Vulgar Latin on both sides of the eastern part of Pyrenees mountains (counties of Roussillon, Empuries, Besalú, Cerdagne, Urgell, Pallars and Ribagorça). It shares features with Gallo-romance and Ibero-romance, and it could be said to be in its beginnings no more than an eccentric dialect of Occitan (or of Western Romance). The language was spread to the south by the Reconquista in several phases: Barcelona and Tarragona, Lleida and Tortosa, the ancient Kingdom of Valencia, and transplanted to the Balearic Islands and l'Alguer (Alghero)."


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Postby greg-fr » 2005-10-25, 7:25

Catalan and Oc languages (Languedocian particularly) are indeed very similar.


There was a time when most languages spoken on the map above were sometimes called either Limousin or Provençal indiscriminately.

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Postby Guillem » 2005-10-26, 16:45

Yes, that's true! In Catalonia that was up until the 19th century :shock: And perhaps this is not a really bad name for it!

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