Can someone record Faroese audio?

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Can someone record Faroese audio?

Postby magipojken » 2013-10-20, 10:11

Hey, I have a number of projects for learners going on. One of them is translating stories in Faroese to English for learners, but the Faroese text also needs to be read aloud so they have audio that matches. This is, for example, parts of Moomin novels, news articles, Harry Potter, or fairytales.

Another is making Memrise (vocabulary) lists for beginners to start learning Faroese. That also needs audio.

So far I have been clipping words from the Nordic dialect corpus and Faroese news radio clips, and putting them into the wordlists. However that's very time-consuming and of course you can't find anywhere near all the words you want or in the correct inflections.

So I was hoping someone would be willing to record audio for either of these projects.

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