verbs governing cases?

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verbs governing cases?

Postby magipojken » 2013-10-20, 7:59

Quick question. Do verbs govern cases in Faroese, like they do in Icelandic, or is it only prepositions that govern cases?

If so, where can you find which verbs govern which cases?

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Re: verbs governing cases?

Postby Mulder-21 » 2014-01-27, 20:20

Yes, they do. It is quite similar to Icelandic and Old Norse, but a lot of verbs have begun requiring an extra preposition.

The majority govern the accusative case, while only a small group govern the dative case. I had a list of those who govern the dative case somewhere. If and when I find it, I'll list those verbs. The rest will then govern the accusative case. (Unlike Icelandic and Old Norse, NO Faroese verb governs the genitive case)
Gløgt er gestsins eyga. (Føroyskt orðafelli)
Wise is the stranger's eye. (Faroese saying)
L'occhio dell'ospite è acuto. (Proverbio faroico)
Hosťovo oko je múdre. (Faerské uslovie)

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