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Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2012-05-02, 20:01
by Lauren
As some of you know, I have an interest in learning Faroese. The main reason I haven't done so is because of a lack of an English > Faroese dictionary, or any good language to Faroese dictionary at all. Does anyone know of any online dictionaries, or books I can buy? The best thing I can think of is buying the Faroese > English Thesaurus dictionary from Amazon, maiming the binding and scanning the book, then OCRing it so I can search the English translations. :) Hmm, then I could use regex to make an English to Faroese dictionary, but that would all be a lot of work.

Now, I don't mean those generic, terrible dictionaries like Freelang, Lexilogos, which are not nearly sufficient enough for a language learner.

Also, I already have this one, but it's not very well made.

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2012-05-02, 21:05
by Johanna
I think that the only way to get a truly extensive one is to buy a physical copy, and then maybe get a digital one with it.

I got a Faroese-Danish one in Runavík last summer, they also had a Danish-Faroese one, and Faroese-English and English-Faroese (I saw the same bookstore in Tórshavn as well).

Mulder-21 gave me the Danish-Faroese one as a computer program, but even for me as a native Swedish speaker it takes a lot of effort to use, Danish may be Scandinavian, but it's nowhere near identical to my mother tongue :(

That being said, if you know the Faroese word, the English Wiktionary is a goldmine :)

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Posted: 2012-05-02, 21:18
by Lauren
Well, I really want the dictionary by Annfinnur í Skála, but it's so expensive! Is that the one you have?

I have an OCRed PDF of a Faroese>English dictionary, and I might be able to get away with searching that for results. It's not a great scan though, so I don't know how well the OCR worked. If I do decide to learn Faroese, I think I'll buy the thesaurus dictionary scan that.

I am very seriously deciding to learn Faroese at the moment, in place of Georgian. That way I could give more attention to Basque, since the lexicon and grammar of Faroese are already quite similar to English, so it would be simpler to learn, relatively. :wink: Good job luring me into it. :lol:

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2012-05-02, 21:23
by Johanna
Not sure, I have just moved so it's at the bottom of a box somewhere :blush: It was pretty expensive though, 390 DKK...

And you definitely should :)

On Skype, in the Nordic chat there are two native speakers at the moment (and none of your exes ;) ) plus me and Aleco. It's easier to learn Faroese than Icelandic on Unilang these days :P

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2012-05-02, 21:47
by Lauren
Yeah, and the only online Faroese bookstore is sold out of it. And Tann lítli prinsurin, my favorite fiction book! :(

I should. Týr has been one of my top favorite bands for a few years, and I love their Faroese songs. :blush:

Great. :silly: I'd surely join it if I decide to learn it.

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2012-05-02, 21:50
by Johanna
No hard feelings in the chat, I promise :) Those of us who remember you miss you ;)

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2012-05-03, 9:14
by Aleco
My local library had this grammar book that is extremely extensive. This is also pretty pricey, so getting it at the library might be a good idea (at least first, and see what you think). Can US libraries ship books between them nationally, too? My library got the national library in Oslo to send it there. Another good thing is that it teaches you a lot of words with its grammar examples as well.

Good luck! It's funny actually, it wasn't long ago in that very chat room, that we discussed a couple of vanished users, so we're glad to see you back as Johanna mentioned ;) Mulder-21 is also there a lot, by the way, in addition to Roskur.

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2013-04-28, 15:39
by Lauren
Has anyone used the Sprotin online dictionary? I'm really interested in Faroese again, and like always, all I really lack is a good dictionary. If this dictionary is worth it, for about $7 a month, I would get it. :)

Also, is the Faroese group still going? I'd like to join it. Add me on Skype: sjheiss

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2013-10-22, 13:38
by magipojken is a great faroese-english-faroese (as well as danish, german...) dictionary. you have to pay a minor subscription fee but it's worth it.

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2013-12-28, 2:38
by JamesBishop
magipojken wrote: is a great faroese-english-faroese (as well as danish, german...) dictionary. you have to pay a minor subscription fee but it's worth it.

I will have to go with magipojken, the dictionary at is what I am using, they have applications for IOS and Android too. Very very useful. Unfortunately this is not a free dictionary but it draws from the most recent En<>Fo dictionaries. It has a tonne of features, what I found useful was that it shows which nouns are Masculine, Femanine and Neuter.

If I remember right it is 39kroner a month.

The Fo<>En draws from this dictionary :

Anfinnur í Skála, Jonhard Mikkelsen: Føroysk-ensk orðabók. Faroese-English Dictionary. Vestmanna: Sprotin 2007.

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2015-04-23, 20:11
by Multiturquoise
Happy news for every learner of Faroese!

Sprotin is now free of charge.

Re: Dictionary for Faroese

Posted: 2015-04-24, 0:31
by Lauren
Really? :o OMG awesome.