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Collecting recordings of Faroese natve speakers

Posted: 2011-06-11, 0:57
by gfl87
I'm Giacomo /ˈʤ, I'm an Italian student at Ca' Foscari /ka.ˈfos.ka.ɾi/ (Venice). I'm collecting recordings of Faroese native speakers & Gøtudanskt speakers. I'm probably going to use that material for my degree thesis (or anyway for a research paper). The perspective of the study is a phonetic description, following the criteria of Natural Phono-Tonetics (developped by my Professor Luciano Canepari /lu.ˈʧˈpa.ɾi/).

I planned to go back to the Faroes this summer (I went last march), but I actually can't. Then I hope that some of you guys of UniLang will help me by sending me some recordings. I have some PDF that you (&/or some of your friends/relatives) just should read while recording (I've attached them into this post for you to see them). The most important project is right now about Faroese native pronunciation, and recordings of Faroese are therefore more important than those of Gøtudanskt. The Faroese questionnaire is very long but it's good for me if I receive from number 1to 8 + numbers 13 & 14. (For Gøtudanskt numbers from 1 to 4 is all I need: other sections are made for native regional accents of Danish)

Anyway feel free to contact me if you think you're going to record yourself; this is my university e-mail address:
(Luciano Canepari is also always looking for recordings of natve speakers but he's dealing with other languages at the moment).

Túsund takk
og alt tað besta!


Re: Collecting recordings of Faroese natve speakers

Posted: 2011-06-29, 17:03
by Mulder-21
Ciao, come stai?

Try writing the Faroese university. I'm not sure exactly what e-mail adress to use, but here you have their website: I'm sure they'll be accommodating, and will help you anyway they can. :)

Re: Collecting recordings of Faroese natve speakers

Posted: 2011-09-27, 0:48
by gfl87
Ciao, bene grazie. E tu?
Sorry for replying so late & thank you for the hint. In fact I took contact with the Faroese Univ. before travelling to the archipelago & they just helped me with some piece of information. Only Jógvan í Lon Jakobsen helped mewith an interview to himself.
Don't you have a mic on your PC? If you took a look at the PDF parts 1-5 are sufficient for me.

Re: Collecting recordings of Faroese natve speakers

Posted: 2013-10-22, 13:40
by magipojken
I know this is old, but did you ever get recordings? I would be really interested in listening to them.