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Georgian surnames

Posted: 2019-10-03, 18:38
by Blabla
I have a question on the Georgian endings -აძე and -იძე. I know that ძე means 'son of', but what does the different vowel (in some cases ა, in some cases ი) depend on?
Thank you.

Re: Georgian surnames

Posted: 2019-10-04, 15:30
by HoneyBuzzard
These patronymics are contracted from genitive phrases, so from ივანე you get ივანიძე < ივანის ძე. Vowels at the ends of personal names often do not elide in the genitive, so you can also find ივანეძე and of course all the names in -აძე. You can also find ო like in გორგოძე, but -ა is just more common in the base names.

Re: Georgian surnames

Posted: 2019-10-04, 23:12
by Blabla
Thank you, HoneyBuzzard.