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Georgian Comprehensive Verbs (document w/verb tables)

Posted: 2014-10-01, 20:52
by stibbshoo
Here is a verb table collection which has verb tables for 691 verbs, authored by Liam Campbell and edited by Revaz Shavladze. The reason I am creating a separate topic for this is because of the following claim on page 12 of the document:
Screeves of the third series are effectively archaic so you need not worry about them here, although some mention of the Pluperfect screeve will be provided because it is used today with the verb ‘to be’ (‘ყოფნა’).

Holding to this claim, the perfect series conjugations are not provided in the document for any of the verbs except ყოფნა.

So I'm asking now, how accurate is the above claim? Because browsing through the first 7500 words in the word frequency list it is possible to encounter a verb form that appears to be in the perfect or pluperfect. Some examples of the perfect to be found in the list include მინახავს, მინახია, მომსვლია, უთქვია. Pluperfect examples to be found: გაეკეთებინა, მოეგო, წასულიყო, უთქვია, ეყენა, ყოფილიყვნენ, ექნა, დამედო. I'm no expert, but it seems to me that the perfect series is alive and well in Georgian and the quoted statement above is inaccurate and it would be truer to say that such a series is far less common but still used, instead of archaic.

Despite this, the document should be very useful as a reference for Georgian verb forms although don't expect to find any help with the perfect series.

Re: Georgian Comprehensive Verbs (document w/verb tables)

Posted: 2014-10-02, 16:06
by HoneyBuzzard
I don't know about the spoken language, but it's demonstrably false for the written language, and not just formal texts either as has many examples as you say, and as far as I know (Aronson), the pluperfect is still required after verbs in past tenses like the aorist and imperfect (მაიძულებდნენ მეთქვა, რომ ...).

Re: Georgian Comprehensive Verbs (document w/verb tables)

Posted: 2014-10-02, 17:30
by stibbshoo
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It seems strange to make a passing statement like that which is contrary to the descriptions about the usage of the perfect and pluperfect in every Georgian grammar and lesson book/course I've come across, modern or not (including the elearning course published in 2012, itself apparently written by native Georgian speakers). Not to mention the fact that I've heard the pluperfect of წასვლა on more than one occasion in modern spoken Georgian (in television series, political statements, interviews, etc.). And the 3sg. perfect form is given for nearly every single verb in the 2-volume comprehensive Georgian-English Dictionary (published in 2006).

Re: Georgian Comprehensive Verbs (document w/verb tables)

Posted: 2014-10-08, 15:15
by E}{pugnator
Totally absurd. The only archaic tense in the 3rd series is the pluperfect subjunctive and even so it is still used in toasts.

I watch Georgian series and people use the perfect all the time. Besides, the only way to negate a past event directly without meaning you didn't want to do something is to use the perffect. So, it's a highly-used screeve.