Help from a native Georgian speaker

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Help from a native Georgian speaker

Postby Claire1127 » 2013-07-24, 22:57

Hi! Gamarjoba! :)
I am looking for a native Georgian speaker who are willing to help me with a kind of language research I am doing about Georgian, for example, to test some sentences, if they are grammatical or ungrammatical, their meaning differences, etc. Nothing complicated or too long or formal, I just need the native speaker intuition.
But it's just sometimes that I will bother with my questions :oops:

Thats it, I will be very grateful if someone could kindly help me :) And I will be glad to help you in anything I can, if you are interested in learn Portuguese for example, I can help :)

Btw, I am trying to learn Georgian also, my favourite hobby :D


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Re: Help from a native Georgian speaker

Postby Messing » 2013-11-02, 18:28


I'm very glad that people are willing to learn my mother language. I'm a native speaker and I can help you, just tell me how to contact you. :)


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