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Translation Game

Posted: 2013-06-16, 14:30
by Multiturquoise
There are translation games in many languages' forums. So I wanted to start the same game in the Georgian forum.

I want to go to Georgia this summer.

Re: Translation Game

Posted: 2013-06-16, 20:39
by HoneyBuzzard
How would we confirm our translations? We don't have any fluent speakers here. :)

ამ ზაფხულს მინდა საქართველოში წავიდე.

I'll send you a postcard.

Re: Translation Game

Posted: 2016-03-20, 14:07
by Multiturquoise
მე გამოგიგზავნი საფოსტო ბარათს.

Will you join us?

Re: Translation Game

Posted: 2018-02-03, 19:11
by Multiturquoise

I will probably join you.

Re: Translation Game

Posted: 2018-09-14, 0:22
by Multiturquoise
ალბათ შემოგიერთდები.

I don't know what to do right now.