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Prefix სა-

Postby riwnodennyk » 2013-01-12, 15:24

What does the prefix სა- mean in words like Sakartvelo or Samedicino universiteti?
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Re: Prefix სა-

Postby HoneyBuzzard » 2013-01-12, 22:08

It's actually a circumfix სა-ო, and it's pretty versatile. Aronson specifies three different uses for it:
Formation of adjectives from nouns (ლიტერატურა literature → სალიტერატურო literary).
Location (საფლავი grave → სასაფლაო cemetery).
Designation (თამაში game, playing → სათამაშო toy), this one is also სა-ე like in სათვალე glasses.

So საქართველო is the "place of the Kartveli people" (location), and სამედიცინო უნივერსიტეტი is the "university for medicine" (designation).

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