Georgian News - ახალი ამბების ფურცელი

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Georgian News - ახალი ამბების ფურცელი

Postby ninkaakanino » 2010-03-11, 22:44

Hello folks,

let us put some international Georgian news in this thread. possibly one from georgian media and one from any other country where something about Georgia is reported. Here are some links, about a tragic death but still. maybe by reading first a "foreign" source and then the georgian article, you can find it easier to understand the Georgian texts.

So, in my city a 25-yo georgian guy killed himself... :(

in Georgian: ... &ct=0&wth=

in English (same text) ... &year=2010

In German: ... e-alt.html

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Re: Georgian News - ახალი ამბების ფურცელი

Postby HoneyBuzzard » 2010-03-12, 22:20

Sounds like an interesting project. For now I'm focusing on my textbooks, but when I get a little better, I'd like to give it a try :)

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