Georgian handwriting

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Georgian handwriting

Postby Michael » 2009-12-20, 12:11

OK Is there even one link on the Internet on Georgian handwriting? I've been successful with Armenian and I can now write Armenian in full-cursive hand. I need to learn how to write Georgian before I can learn it. How will I be able to take notes on it? Oh and I'll photocopy some samples of my Latin, Cyrillic, and Armenian handwriting on my profile later on, to show you all.

EDIT TUE 22 DEC 2009: I have attached an example of my Armenian handwriting to this post. Look below.

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Re: Georgian handwriting

Postby zhiguli » 2009-12-22, 9:02

handwritten short forms

there are also some handwriting-style fonts like tamaz, zaza, elguja etc though i don't know how good these are as a model for imitation.

and here are some samples with the full ligatures



though i'm told this is old-fashioned and people don't write this way any more.

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