Distance Learning Georgian Program for Free!

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Distance Learning Georgian Program for Free!

Postby Zorba » 2009-06-01, 19:37

Gamarjoba everyone,

I just heard about this interesting opportunity. I don't know the instructor or the institution personally, and I'm not sure whether you have to be enrolled in a university somewhere to take advantage of it, but it sounds like it's worth looking into if you want a start with Georgian.

* * *
I'm passing along an appeal from Manana Kock-Kobaidze <manana.kock.kobaidze AT mah.se>, who teaches Georgian langugage distance learning courses at Malmo University in Sweden. Georgian I, which is usually taught every semester, is threatened with closure in fall 2009: the University has raised the minimum enrollment from 25 to 35. If Georgian I is cancelled this fall, there is a risk that it will be cancelled for further semesters too.

The course is suitable for anyone ooking for a solid and manageable introduction to Georgian, and to those who are working through more comprehensive textbooks (e.g., Aronson's or Hewitt's) that are challenging to self-study. The course is well thought out in its material (logically ordered themes, limited grammar information) and the means of teaching it (a combination of on-line self-check and teacher-corrected exercises). It is taught entirely on-line, and Dr. Kock-Kobaidze is very accessible and responsive, through e-mail and optional Skype sessions. The course is also *FREE* (once enrolled, one must wife-transfer a small fee, SEK200 or about US$26, to join the Malmo student Union), and a nice way to meet other learners from around the world.

The deadline for so-called late application is 28 August.

Information about the course and a link to the application are also found here:

http://webzone.imer.mah.se/projects/geo ... rgian.html
http://webzone.imer.mah.se/projects/geo ... apply.html

Please email Dr. Kock-Kobaidze with any questions: <manana.kock.kobaidze AT mah.se> Please pass this information on to any interested colleagues or students. Thanks for your consideration!

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Re: Distance Learning Georgian Program for Free!

Postby Sean of the Dead » 2009-06-01, 20:04

I don't think something can be considered "free" if it costs $26 :nope: :|

Damn you, I was hoping there would actually bree a free course here. :cry:
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Re: Distance Learning Georgian Program for Free!

Postby RCA » 2009-06-03, 16:12

Sounds interesting. I’ll definitely think it over.
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Re: Distance Learning Georgian Program for Free!

Postby Hendriklohuis » 2009-07-16, 15:23

Dear all,

Here is another participant from the Georgian course offered by Malmo University. I already completed the first part (15ECTS) and am now enrolled in the second course (also 15 ECTS). I can vouch for the quality of the course: the material is relevant, the language taught in the course is colloquial and unlike the hefty tomes of Hewitt and Aronson, the course contains a lot of audio, which is tremendously helpful for a language like Georgian. Like Zorba already said, the course is perfectly complimentary to the books I've referred to above.

There is small fee which has to be paid to the Malmo Students' Union. As for myself, I have received a couple of letters about it but I have not had to pay it (yet). To be honest, I haven't had much time to look into the matter, since I'm writing my second thesis right now and all the letters are, for some weird reason, in Swedish. But don't let this keep readers from taking the course, it's really good.

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