Georgian Easter - აღდგომა

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Georgian Easter - აღდგომა

Postby ninkaakanino » 2009-04-17, 21:32

- ქრისტე აღსდგა (Christ has resurrected)
- ჭეშმარიტად (Truly)

That is how Georgians greet each other on the wonderful day of Easter holiday, which this year is on Sunday - 19th April (according to our Orthodox calender). Unlike many west european countries, Easter in Georgia has a very big importance, even for non-religious people, as it belongs to one of our oldest traditions - dying eggs in dark red on a "red Friday", preparing for Easter Sunday, buying/baking a traditional Easter cake - პასკა (Paska) and celebrating it with close friends and family members.

The dark red colour of the eggs resembles the colour of blood (of Jesus), and generally Georgian Easter still finds its roots deeply in religion (thus, no Easter bunnies, or the like are known in Georgia).

Children (not only they) usually hit their hard-boiled red eggs on one another's and whose-ever breaks, the winner collectes them all. :)

Ah, i have missed my Easter holiday! :roll:
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