Any Georgians in the LA area?

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Any Georgians in the LA area?

Postby coolmoose1 » 2009-04-08, 15:22

Hi, i am a student who is doing a project on georgia, and i am supposed to do a face-to-face interview with a Georgian. The only thing is that i live in LA, and have so far been able to find very few georgians. The only other Catch is that the person needs to have lived in Georgia, longer than the US. If anybody knows someone, or a restaurant, that might serve georgian food, and have Georgian employes, please let me know.

thank you :)

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Re: Any Georgians in the LA area?

Postby eskandar » 2009-04-08, 15:47

Check out these places. I think there are a substantial number of Georgians in West and North Hollywood, in the Russian areas.
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