Need help with translating a little phrase

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Need help with translating a little phrase

Postby ChristinaSt. » 2008-02-24, 17:59

Dear all,

I got a note with Gerogian letters. I got told how to pronounce it:

"me chen zhan mom zon har"

What could that mean?



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Postby Nukalurk » 2008-02-24, 18:36

You could try helping others and use to write it down. :)

I really can't help you, I just wanted to link that converter. ;)

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Postby zhiguli » 2008-02-29, 6:54

my guess would be "მე შენ ძა(ლი)ან მომწონხარ" which means "i like you a lot"

helen che

phrase translation

Postby helen che » 2008-03-04, 17:46

your guess is quite right.

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