Georgian Celebrations

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Georgian Celebrations

Postby nicholasbv » 2007-11-10, 17:37

Hi there, I've been given the task of translating a small text to celebrate the twinning of my school with another in Georgia.. but i'm having difficulty translating two phrases from English to Georgian:

"Celebrating 20 years of partnership",

"ზეიმობა ოცი წლები მონაწილეობა" ??

Also just the words "20 years" would be very useful.

"ოცი წლები" ??

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Georgian Celebrations

Postby ninkaakanino » 2009-01-22, 20:23

(we are) "Celebrating 20 years of partnership" - ავღნიშნავთ 20 წლიან თანამეგობრობას

a bit letter, but still :)
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