Georgian support for Firefox 2 + spell checkers

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Georgian support for Firefox 2 + spell checkers

Postby Qaanaaq » 2007-09-09, 22:17


Is it possible to set Firefox’s interface into Georgian so I can switch it between my default language and Georgian (I know there’s a good switch to install). I’m using Firefox 2.

Also, is it possible to get any free Georgian spell checkers for Firefox 2 / Open Office / MS Word? I think that even Armenian’s got some support…

Thank you in advance for any help,


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Postby Tavy » 2007-11-09, 20:16

I manage to recall that there is a "Georgian Language Pack" for localising Firefox/Mozilla to Georgian, but I cannot make any claim about its accuracy or use...
There is, as it is, an outstanding bug-entry to add Georgian locales to Firefox on ubuntu, but a Windows installer exists natively right on Mozilla's site.

Haven't seen any dictionaries. Sorry. Hope this helps anyway.
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