georgian slang, colloquial language, dialectisms

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georgian slang, colloquial language, dialectisms

Postby zhiguli » 2007-03-21, 3:41

here is a new thread for all the "improper" words and forms that we ought not to use in the rest of this 'respectable' forum. to start off, a couple of links (warning - some very foul language contained within) ... cenity.pdf ... =&S=&P=254

here's one in georgian only...

and here is my small contribution, feel free to expand this list:

shortened forms:
მარა > მაგრამ - 'but'
მაქ, გაქ > მაქვს/გაქვს - 'i have, you have'
მოიცა > მოიცადე - wait (imperative)
რავა ხარ > როგორ ხარ - how are you?

russian (and other foreign) loans:
პრივეტები (from привет+plural ending) - hello
სალამი (from the universal muslim greeting سلام) - hello
პროსტა (просто) - just/only/merely
ვაფშე(ტა) (вообще-то) - (no idea how to translate this)
დაპადიეზდება - to attack someone in a stairwell (подъезд)
ბაზრობა (from persian بازار) - to speak/talk/chat
რა პონტში (i think this comes from пункт point) - what do you mean? what's the point

and other non-standard words/expressions:
მევასება, გევასება - i like, you like
ზედა ხარ - you've got it (lit. you are on the head [of a dick]...most people are apparently unaware of this expression's vulgar beginning)

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