The How do you Pronounce X Thread

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Re: The How do you Pronounce X Thread

Postby Gormur » 2020-06-29, 17:57

I learned how to distinguish cot and caught or I guess you could say I learned how to produce another vowel quality

It's weird because I can only do it when the other person does it. If I'm reading and think about it I can produce that vowel as well. I'm like a vacuum of knowledge :lol: :)

I was curious how it looked on paper though so this helps me figure it out :hmm:
Eigi gegnir þat at segja at bók nøkkur er hreinferðug eðr ønnur spelluð því at vandliga ok dáliga eru bœkr ritnar ok annat kunnum vér eigi um þœr at dœma

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Re: The How do you Pronounce X Thread

Postby tomari » 2020-08-04, 6:22

OldBoring wrote:Usually, English [ɒ] sounds like [ɔ] to me, while [ɑ] sounds like [a] pronounced more open to me.
While English [ɔ] sounds like [o] to me.

Yeah, English /ɔ/ is way more close/rounded than the transcription suggests, at least in England and Australia (though there are exceptions in the UK, there are regions where it's an open vowel without much rounding).

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