most common phonetic mispellings

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most common phonetic mispellings

Postby Stan » 2005-12-29, 23:34

let me explain what I mean by "phonetic mispellings" = A mispelling that more closely represents the spoken word than the written.

I'll start with one of the most common:

seperate (mispelling of separate)

Google hits for seperate: 28,300,000
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Postby Kirk » 2005-12-30, 0:24

Misspellings can also often betray vowel changes, mergers and splits in people's speech that aren't represented by standard orthogaphy. I kept this in mind when observing spelling mistakes a couple of months ago when I did some Google searches on front-vowel raising before /ŋ/ in NAE. Here's my thread, if anyone's interested.

Also, Stan, were you trying to be ironic by misspelling 'misspelling'? ;)
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