Help! I'm a U.S. Monoglot! How Can I Contribute?

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Help! I'm a U.S. Monoglot! How Can I Contribute?

Postby kindofblue525 » 2005-10-31, 15:19

Okay, I'm not really a 'monoglot,' per se, but I feel that since I'm only still learning other languages and since many Unilangers already have a firm command of English, I don't have much to offer to return the favor.

What can I do to help the Unilang community? Anyone have any translations they want an opinion on? Anyone want to bone up on New England slang?

I want to repay the community somehow. Got any ideas?


P.S. - And, no, I don't have enough money to actually pay you all :wink:.

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Re: Help! I'm a U.S. Monoglot! How Can I Contribute?

Postby Kazimer » 2005-11-01, 3:30

You're not alone. I am still learning French and German and there are many like us. To be a good Unilanger ask questions, because others may have the same ones or share your knowledge on a topic. Finally, don't be shy about posting. We are all here to learn and improve upon what we know. :wink:

What languages are you learning/speak?


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Postby Kirk » 2005-11-01, 4:57

You're not required to speak any number of languages to post on unilang (whether it be 1 or 27 or somewhere in between), but it's great you're interested in making an effort to learn and/or improve upon your nonnative language(s) you're studying. It is true that nonnative English speakers on unilang almost always have an impressive command of English, but instead of that discouraging or intimidating you, look at the amazing resources you have available to you to learn, practice, and perfect the nonnative language(s) you're learning! I know I've learned some very useful things about the languages I'm studying from fellow unilangers on here. People are generally really friendly and eager to share about their language, so like phreaker said, don't be afraid to ask questions, as people are more than willing to help :)
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Postby Ariki » 2005-11-01, 5:21

Well, you've taken a brave step of self realisation (saying that you are a monoglot).

Just take a browse through the forums, and just see what takes your fancy 8) And if nothing does, then you can always contribute by helping non-native English speakers.
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Postby kindofblue525 » 2005-11-01, 13:55

Grazie a tutti!

To: Phreaker - Thanks for the first response! Yeah, I'm definitely asking plenty of questions! I hope they help others who are learning the language, as well.

Right now I'm learning Spanish, French, Italian, and German. I'm truly focusing, however, on Spanish, since it's the one I'm most likely to use on a day-to-day basis.

To: Kirk - Yeah, everyone's been very friendly so far; it's great! I can't imagine an easier place to learn languages with other passionate people.

To: riki - Haha, yes. The first step was to overcome denial.

Thanks for the support guys. See ya around!

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Postby allemaalmeezinge » 2005-11-02, 17:20

You're very nice :lol:


Postby Brenda » 2005-11-02, 22:54

Thank you and thanks to every Unilang forumer... they are all so helpul and really nice people :P
In fact, it hasn't passed so long since I first came to this forum and I'm already loving it. It's impressive how many people are here trying to help everyone. I am so glad to be here.
And af course, I'm glad to have lots of people speaking English better than I, so they can correct me. I think I will go on posting here the texts I have to write in English so that you correct my mistakes. That way you'll be making my English teacher so much happier :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: (and hopefully, my marks higher :twisted: ).

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Postby darkina » 2005-11-06, 20:49

Yes, I also think that there's nothing you have to do in particular...just post around about whatever you feel like it, even just about cultures... and while doing that, there can always be some non-native to correct or to help to improve...(see now..."help to improve", "help improve", or "help improving"? :shock: :? :roll: ).
I mean, this way what you know will always be at the community's service, even if you are not able to explain Chinese spelling or swahili pronounciation... I myself often use Unilang just as a place to hang out, discuss cultures and language, but I don't often post grammar questions or such, I prefer to just relax and sometimes practise while doing it...:)
So just do and say whatever you like, and that will be always welcome...
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